Duty puzzle scoring

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Opinion.gif The values used in this article are for the purposes of demonstrating relative values only.
The actual mechanical values behind the puzzle are undisclosed.

Duty puzzles are scored based on points per move over a period of time.


Current best beliefs of most players: Puzzle moves are scored at a maximum of 10 seconds per move. Spending more than 10 seconds to make a move scores a zero. Making moves faster than 10 seconds enters more scores into the scoring frame. This does not mean a higher score; the actual score used to determine your puzzle indicator is the average of the scores in your scoring frame.

The scoring frame is believed to be the last 3 minutes, regardless of the number of moves made in that three minutes.

Your performance shown at a league point


The concept of efficiency refers to points scored per cost. As an example, if you score 3 points per turn in bilging, at a cost of 3 points per piece played, that is 100% efficiency.

Determination of the "cost per turn" is arbitrary; however, for each of the three basic puzzles it can be set so that 100% efficiency is a well-defined, generally yellow (non-sparkly) or just under yellow indicator.

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Important disclaimer: All point values used within these pages reflect relative values and weights as determined by players. No developer has commented on the current accuracy of any of these. Any forum post from developers that gave point scoring information is from pre-release days (pre-Midnight), and potentially has been changed. In particular, sailing (at least) has been known to have had major changes to scoring at least once. Use at your own risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future potential. Scoring may be changed in any update. Star levels do change the challenges that you face, and may change the scoring; the same play at different star levels may score differently. While this is known to be true in bilge, it potentially may be true in any puzzle.