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Dutch meetup 2020

From YPPedia


Please note: This event is not officially sponsored or sanctioned by OOO Design Inc. Therefore they claim no liability or responsibility for any problems, complaints, or miscellaneous arguments therein.

The Details

The Dutch meetup is held in The Netherlands, and has been attended by pirates from all over the globe. On this page you'll find everything you'll need to know about this year's meetup.


de hollandse boerderij in Bodegraven.

Meije 63 Bodegraven

-Pets are allowed at this location.


Take the train to the station in Bodegraven. From there you can take the bus (line 724) to the hollandse boerderij. The bus stops right in front of the location.

If you're having trouble planning your trip in the Netherlands with public transport, you can use this site: https://9292.nl/en

Also on the day of the meetup we will have a pirate phone in case you do get lost and need help. The phone number will be sent in the e-mail.


The meetup is from Friday 14th of August until Monday the 17th of August. We have also booked a mid week extension for those who want to stay a bit longer going from Monday 17th of August until Friday 21st of August.

You can also only book the mid week in case you don't want to stay the weekend ;)


This year we will need a deposit of €75,- to secure your spot and an additional €25,- cash upon arrival per pirate attending. If you are staying both the weekend AND midweek we will need a deposit of €125,- and an additional €75,- cash upon arrival or €30,- a day cash if you only want to join us for 1 or 2 days.

Please bear in mind that we have limited bunk space. So the sooner you make the deposit the sooner your spot will be secured.


The reason we ask for a deposit is so we can plan our meetup spending ahead of time, reserve our accommodation and to help us know how many people will be attending. If you have paid the deposit and then realize you cannot attend, we will try to refund you the deposit, but we cannot guarantee it. Be especially careful if you're paying a deposit for someone else - make sure they can pay you the deposit even if they end up not attending.

Sleeping situation

there are 3 bedrooms with bunk beds for a maximum total of 28 pirates.

  • bedroom 1 is mixed
  • bedroom 2 is female only
  • bedroom 3 is for the snorers

Activities and such

  • lots of card and board games which pirates will bring with them
  • most likely a couple rounds of a pirate themed werewolf game
  • the traditional Sunday raffle
  • there is a small lake for swimming right out the door
  • VR gaming
  • Pirate-themed weekend long trivia contest (scan with qr code on your phone)
  • lots of other fun to be had!

What you will need to bring

  1. Sleeping bag AND sheet and a pillow cover
  2. Towels and such
  3. Swimwear
  4. Pirate outfit for Saturday!
  5. Raffle item (optional, but very much appreciated)
  6. Flip-flops (very highly recommended for shower use)

Please do

  • clean up after yourself.
  • help out with the dishes, shopping, preparing food.
  • have lots and lots of fun!

Please do not

  • expect others to clean up after you.
  • bring entire gaming systems, we have limited space so a laptop is preferred.
  • laze about, we expect pirates to station up.

Coronavirus update, 16 March 2020

We are all well aware of COVID-19 and what this could mean for group gatherings. the Netherlands has gone on a slight lock down. Schools, restaurants and sporting clubs have all closed down for the time being, however The Prime Minister has assured us the country won't be going on a full lock down and won't be restricting travel. so for now the meet-up is NOT going to be canceled :D

We are however implementing some stricter hygiene rules that will need to be followed.

  • no shaking hands.
  • wash your hands before handling and/or consuming any food.
  • wash your hands after going to the bathroom. (which you should already have been doing)
  • take a shower at least once every 2 days.
  • we reserve the right to send you home if you are unable to follow these hygiene rules.
  • we will be providing plenty of soap and hand sanitizer.


We have a registration form, which is super easy to fill out and helps us to work out how many people we're likely to have attend - as well as making sure we can accommodate any requirements you may have.

If you have any other questions, please post them on the forum thread.

Registered Guests

Green font indicates this person has reserved their place with payment or has made a different pay-arrangement.

At this stage, people listed are >50% certain they will attend in 2020.






+maybe midweek




+maybe midweek



Shore Leave

+ Midweek




+maybe midweek


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