Drunken Amore

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Drunken Amore at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Knarf
Senior Officer(s) Lamora
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Dunno
Founded 11 January, 2004
dormant as of 3 March, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info

Drunken Amore is a crew that sails the Midnight Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Dunno.

History of Drunken Amore

Drunken Amore was founded on 11 January, 2004 by two wayward pirates, Lamora and Drunkensword.

The crew started out in the peaceful flag of the Celtic Overlords, but soon felt the need to sow their wild oats and formed the Chaotic Crimelords. Not long after, the flag dropped a war chest at Angelfish I, where they formed a strong alliance with Don't Panic. The crews from Chaotic Crimelords merged into Don't Panic just after helping them conquer Papaya. Eventually, Knarf and Lamora had the overwhelming urge to merge, and the crew Booched Stooges and Drunken Amore became one, with Knarf taking the helm of the newly combined crew.

Time passed and once again, Drunken Amore was unable to deny the wild side. The crew left Don't Panic for a fabulous romp in Notorious Fandango. After Fandango, the crew bounced into Blighted, back into Don't Panic, and now it is currently in it's own courseless flag Dunno.

Public Statement

The best kind of love. Why be a part of the solution when you can be a part of the problem? Mayhem and Pillaging, looking for the funny in all the wrong places be our way of life. Our colour is Orange, because nothing says Drunken Stooge like Orange.

We welcome a nice "Ahoy!" from jobbers and some small talk, but don't be idle too long, or over the side you go! Pay attention for targeting orders during fights. If ye don't know, just ask. We will be happy to answer you. If we don't know, we will make up an answer! :)

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