Double-Ewe Tee Eff

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Double-Ewe Tee Eff at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Gramps
Senior Officer(s) Burgundyrose, Mercifulone, Tukan
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Dragon's Wrath
Dormant or disbanded as of 23 February, 2009
Crews-Double-Ewe Tee Eff.jpg

Double-Ewe Tee Eff was a crew on the Sage Ocean.

Public statement

Fwweee we are just a big bunch of fun lovin' pirates! :D

I am your Captain in name and on a vessel ONLY :) Other then that :P You can rip teh cwappers outta me, but if you dish it out, expect it backsies! :D

Wanna know what our crew name means? :P Sound it out ladies and gents :D We're a crew that care more about having fun then pillaging :P

"Whats this fame thing everyone talks about? What, oh.. meh who cares 'bout that"

If ye be new and want to learn the ropes of PP, just see the friendly skipper, Dazrix (Dazwix) :) Habbers muches funs peoplies! :D

Dazwix will train people aswell as you can chill out and just play hide and seek and stuffs :P

Background Info

As noticed by many, the statement for this crew isnt so readable at first, due to the nature of the flag and crew having their own mini language called Gonnies Engwish.

Double-Ewe Tee Eff was founded in the year 2006 on November 6th and when first formed was named Kaizuko Kazuko, meaning Pirate Family.