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Divine Warriors (Hunter)

From YPPedia

Divine Warriors at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch Jackfalcon of The War Falcons
Member crew(s) The War Falcons, Shoreside Navy, Facundos Night Out, Glen Lake Pirates, G-Unit, The Queens of Piracy, Shadows of the Night, Forsaken
Disbanded as of 15 May, 2007

Divine Warriors was a flag on the Hunter Ocean. It was founded on April 30, 2006.

Public Statement

New as can be to this ocean we are, new to the fight we are not. We will be strong, we will not run. Challange as you may, but win you will not. Join with this flag, and together we can dominate the ocean, let none stand in our way. Crews wishing to join us in our voyage of a fair ocean, please by all means send any royal a tell. And together we will conquer islands and share.

Flags wishing to ally with us, please speak to any royal, and motions will get underway.

Probationary period is as follows:

Don't meet this and you risk the one royal you have.

Crews that join the flag will receive one royal as the representative of their crew, this should be the captain. Once your crew proves itself loyal to the flag And ye doesn't violate any flag laws discribed in the private section of the articles. Ye will receive two titles. After your crews loyalty has been met and it flourishes beyond 150 members or a fairly well crew (decided on by the royalty) , ye will receive a second titled.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 27 May 2006 Accompong I Attacking No Vilya vs. Requited Desires, Divine Warriors 1:3:1 Lost event
2 10 September 2006 Accompong VI Attacking Yes Bakers union vs. Varsity, Vicious, Requited Desires, Ambrosia, Divine Warriors 0:3:0:0:0:0 Lost event

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