Divine Warriors

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Divine Warriors at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Thepiratebob of Warriors Of The Deep
Member crew(s) Warriors Of The Deep, White Devils, Atlas Shrugged
Dormant or disbanded as of 2 September, 2006

Divine Warriors was a flag on the Sage Ocean. It had been founded on March 21, 2006.


Titled Members

  • Blackhrt of Warriors Of The Deep
  • Felismajor of Warriors Of The Deep
  • Loosa of White Devils
  • Myngs of Atlas Shrugged
  • Shiri of Warriors Of The Deep

Public Statement

Divine Warriors is a complex and sophisticated flag. We don't get caught up in egos we just simply are who we are. Each crew, or for that matter, each pirate in this flag is treated with equality and respect. The four principles that we live by are Honor, Integrity, Respect, Honesty. We will not be forced into blockades; we also don't worry about what our enemies think, as for owning an island we will just wait patiently and practice and pillage together as much as possible then at that time we will take our shot at an Island so don't bother asking us. We will not accept random alliance proposals from crews or flags you must talk with a Royal first. When it comes to the leadership of this flag, thepiratebob is a smart, level-headed ruler, who will treat all equally, and as long you respect the rulers of the flag you will enjoy a long and fulfilling life with us. We are not interested in being the biggest flag; it's not about that, we believe that it's Quality not Quantity that matters. Bigger is not always better. We have no idea what the future holds for us but whatever it is we will persevere.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 17 June 2006 Penobscot II Attacking Yes Les Aristocrates vs. Divine Warriors 3:0 Didn't win island