Deepest Purple

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Deepest Purple at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Youngking of World Makers
Member crew(s) World Makers, The Fearless Fighters
Dormant or disbanded as of 04 May, 2006

The flag Deepest Purple was founded by Captain Arctic of the crew Lords of Chaos on 10 March, 2006.



  • Youngking Of World Makers


  • Ffafrule of 'The Fearless Fighters

Titled Members

  • Babolali of 'world makers'
  • Gurbug of 'The Fearless Fighters'
  • Oscolot of 'world makers'
  • Romangirl of 'world makers'
  • Tiagobaiao of 'The Fearless Fighters'


  • 10 March 2006, Deepest Purple Is Founded.
  • 25 March 2006, Youngking Becomes the King.
  • Dormant or disbanded as of 04 May, 2006.


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