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Deadliest Catch

From YPPedia

Deadliest Catch at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Ltsilentkill (Stepped down to SO rank before Crew was disbanded?)
Senior Officer(s) Cupi, Dakworm, Dandruffhair, Exe, Itsgarrett, Pambam, Tylers
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Dynamite
Founded 29 May, 2009
Disbanded as of 29 November, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info

Deadliest Catch was a crew on the former Hunter Ocean. This crew has been disbanded.

Public statement

Everyone is aloud to join this crew. We do alot of pilles. Ask Officer+ to join


Cabin Person- punishment rank or if you have novice now the board.

Pirate- Automatically start here. You may help out with the pillys. Ask Officer+ to join

Officer- This is a person that goes on pillys alot knows the basics of the game. The person should have a few broad/distinguished. You must almost be trusted by other crew mates. *This is an automatic rank for people with ships!*

Fleet Officer- You must have alot of trust with the SO's and Captains. You must help the crew alot and be online regularly. You should lead your own successful pillys. Also you need to have better stats than an officer. Distinguished+ for bnav.

Senior Officer- Don't ask to be Senior Officer. This person has went through all the ranks and has helped the crew in enormous ways. Every crew mate must have FULL TRUST for you. Yer stats should also be good.

Captain- Ltsilentkill

Crew Stalls-

Terps Ironworking Stall (Aimuari)

Dandruffhair Weavery Stall (Aimuari)

Crew Rules-
  • Dont ask for money on crew chat or to crew mates!!
  • Respect the crew and the game
  • Some people may ask you to use PTB (Permission to board)
  • Have a great time

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