Dagger's Heart

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Dagger's Heart at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) Merciless Armageddon, Final Attack, Ghost Ship, the beasty boys n girls
Dormant or disbanded as of 24 June, 2008

Dagger's Heart was a flag on the Sage Ocean established by Trinite on 16 May, 2006.

Public Statement

Dagger's Heart, made of May 2006 by Lezzy, given to Trinite.

A lost Merchant Galleon sail through unknown lands,

Trails no man has laid hands,

A ship watching from afar,

The captain glancing the Northern Star,

Paths become more narrow,

The hunter keen as a sparrow,

The Galleon take a turn into the unknown pathway,

The hunters sails continue to sway,

The jagged rocks leave the lost steady,

The ship behind, although unseen, is ready,

One gun fires, to alert the lost,

The sea turn grey, they begin to feel tossed,

They feel trapped; for ahead is a dead end,

Seconds feel like minutes as the deadly Brigand gets nearer,

The Galleon stuck in a rock-filled trap,

The Brigand becomes the fearer,

For within the mist is seen a gap,

Through the gap is seen an unusual huge Frigate,

Befor the Brigand can turn away,

The transparent Frigate slides through the large jagged rocks with hate,

The sailors onboard the Galleon pray,

As the Frigate had shot the Brigand with brute force,

They vanish as the Galleon neglects remorse,

The Brigand can only see death,

As the Galleon grapples with a victorious breath,

The victors plunder 150 units of gold ore,

And they escape to colonized lands for their lesson has been learned,

Sage be the only sea for us,

No lost souls; thus.

Note To Independant Crews and New Crews: Crews in the flag are given a limit of royalties, and titled members. A crew cannot have any more then 4 royalties (not including the captain, the captain is an automatic royalty). The limit of titled members per crew is six. During wars, crews are given spare ships incase of accidental loss; just to keep yours safe. Royalties are encouraged to be experianced, and must be able to vote on issues within 1-2 days; which may seem like an innapropriet time, but some issues can be very serious and no issue is to be treated lessly then another. If you are a captain that wishes to join the flag please contact a royalty. Most common to be on would be Shiina or Antioc. Also, the monarch, I, Saphia, am on very often, therefore able to do so aswel. If you have any questions about the flag (such as aimed goals, F.A.Q., etc,) contact a royalty or Saphia.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 3 June 2006 Kiwara I Attacking Yes none vs. Takers of Lunch Money, Les Aristocrates, Dagger's Heart 0:3:0:0 Didn't win island