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Cptnosdn - captain of the crew StarFleet, currently independent on the Cobalt Ocean.


Favorite Past Times

  • Playing Treasure Drop with his friends and fellow pirates. Got ultimate quite quickly.
  • Playing Poker once in a while (pft try all the time) took a while to get ultimate, but he did.
  • Playing Swordfight's once in a while, got to ultimate finally.
  • Pillaging to replenish his coffers to play more poker!


  • Picked as a contestant in 2 TPiR episodes run by Stevensam.
  • Got to play Treasure Drop Plinko for a chance at 100-100,000 PoE + Merchant Galleon, Won 25,000 PoE and a Merchant Galleon.
  • Adopted a Pig during the second episode of TPiR.


Cptnosdn started out on the Cobalt ocean September 10, 2005. For the first week or so he wondered around aimlessly till he found the inn. It was free treasure drop day! He tried it out, and was hooked. He became rather good at treasure drop, poker, swordfighting, fairly good at rumble, and (though others may state the contrary) fairly good at pillaging.

He and one of his first hearties Blakshox opened a shipwrightery stall together, it worked wonderfully, they had competitive prices, and reasonable waiting times.

Cptnosdn was also an avid clothes collector and one day hoped to open his own tailor stall.

Notable Renamed Vessels

Renamed Vessels
Sloop dock.png
USS Enterprise
Sloop dock.png
Radioactive Warfish

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