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Cleaver interview

From YPPedia

In May 2005, Cleaver agreed to be interviewed in a Ventrilo chat session hosted by Bluetta. Questions were posed by a variety of guests, who either contributed to winning Cleaver in the auction, or won a ticket in three events Bluetta hosted. Llama recorded the interview. A recording of each section of the interview is included along with the transcription for each individual section.

Selected Quotes from Cleaver

On E3:

  • It's a giant, giant trade show in Los Angeles. The annual hooha for the games business. People show their new products, so there's literally acres of stands, Nintendo and Microsoft and Sony showing off their stuff. Spending millions and millions of dollars, mostly for the benefit of the press and the retailers. So it's a little bit annoying for me as a developer because you go there and you point at the EA stand and say "Well, I could make 20 games for the price of that stand".

On alchohol:

  • I have a continuing supply of whisky, which is fortunate, because otherwise bad things would happen.

On Cleaver:

  • Bad Cleaver, naughty Cleaver, no cookie.

On YPP's history:

  • We sat down and I went through a list of wacky ideas. Mike said, "Hey, I like the one with puzzles and pirates- let's do that one." And so, at that point we started the company and got going with it.

On Miniclip:

  • Frankly, if that was our sweet spot, and we thought that was really the best audience, then we'd be better off with a Runescape clone. And we could probably knock one of those off in three months.

Cleaver interview Bluetta's interview with Cleaver
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