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Catkin is a senior officer in the crew Slow Children at Play and he sails the Cobalt Ocean.


Catkin washed up on the shores of Sakejima island in late 05. He quickly found a love for sailing and was found on them more often then not when pillaging. He crew hopped untill he found one he liked. The crews he has been in include: Serial Pillagers, Shank Sharks, Metal Roses and Slow Children at Play. He developed a love for Swordfighting later on in the game after learning the tricks of the trade. He is usually found at the poker tables or pillaging.


Some of his goals in the game include-

  • Winning or buying a Octopus familiar
  • Owning a inn
  • Winning a Golden Ticket Tourney

Notable Trinkets

Dragon Doubles, 4th Place, Fight Club 2006
Item box unequip.png
Trophies Fight Club 2006.png
Four Shields , 6th Place, Foot Brawl 2006
Item box unequip.png
Trinket colors Foot Brawl 2006.png
Sand dollar
Item box unequip.png
Trinket-Sand dollar.png
White Starfish
Item box unequip.png

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