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Category:Card images

From YPPedia

These images are taken from card games.

To add an image to this category, add the tag {{card image}} (Usage) to the image uploading summary form.

Each card's filename uses a three character code. The first character is the value of the card (1-9, j, q, k, a). The second is the suite (c=clubs, d=diamonds, h=hearts, s=spades). The third is the view (w=whole, e=edge).

To use the images similar to a hand in game, just put several edge images in a row ending with a whole image.

For example:

[[Image:3se.png]][[Image:6se.png]][[Image:ase.png]][[Image:5he.png]][[Image:qce.png]][[Image:7dw.png]] will look like this:


You can also use the PNG image template {{PNG|3se}}{{PNG|6se}}{{PNG|ase}}{{PNG|5he}}{{PNG|qce}}{{PNG|7dw}} which will look like this:


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