Card Sharks

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For the crew Card Sharks on the Midnight Ocean, see Card Sharks (Midnight).
Card Sharks at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Pekzwarten of Paladins
Member crew(s) Paladins, Musky Buccaneers
Founded 18 April, 2006
Dormant as of 17 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Card Sharks is currently a dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean that was founded on April 18th 2006. It was created as a new start for its current member crews after their previous flag disbanded.

Public Statement

Ahoy mates, we like the game best without any barnacle... so don't send any to our flag..


*.*.*Welcome to Card Sharks*.*.*



We plan to rise to fame and glory and we shall. We plan to make this flag a fun and enjoyable as possible so that everyone can have a good time. And we tend to support each others as much as possible. Together in strength we'll rise to fame and glory. We Respect others and that's how we'll keep it!!!

And We Hold All The Cards....

*.*.*Join Us Now And Rise To Glory*.*.*

*.*.*-Royalty/Titled Members-*.*.*

New crews will not get royalty or a titled member untill they have proven themselves within the flag. After a limited trial period the other Royals will decide whether a crew gets a Royal or a Titled Member or even both. Initially a crew will get either 1 Royalty or Titled Member but in time more promotions will be possible, depending on how well the crew performs within the flag. Royals that are inactive for 1 week will be stripped of their title and a (titled) member from the same crew shall be appointed until former Royal comes back.

Titled Members can be stripped if they become dormant and another member of the crew will be appointed Titled Member. Its likely as well for Titled Members to be involved in meetings if the Royal representing that crew is not on, or if their crew doesn't have a Royal.

Minister of Blockades : Not available

Minister of Events: Uky

Alliances: Hornblowers

Minister of Provision: Wombata

Pillage Organizer: Larryjoe

Minister of Recruitments: Kuntakinte

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