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Capinsav starting playing puzzle pirates in late October 2007 on Viridian, and has been in many crews and done many things in his puzzle pirates life

  • Captinsav started his PP life in the Crew Sea Dogs of Destruction, and quickly gained the ranks of Fo.
  • In about a month and a half of being in Sea Dogs Of Destruction he was promoted from FO to SO.
  • In late December 2007 one of his friends Jamsterdude made a crew named Chaos Armada and asked if he wanted to help him. He accepted and became SO.
  • After a few months Chaos Armada started to become boring, so Captinsav left and went off to find a new crew.
  • Between beging of April to late August Captinsav was crew-hopping. He had no real crew for a while.
  • Then he went back to his old crew, Sea dogs of Destruction, he rejoined them and in time became First Mate and Royality of the flag Rabidus Canis.
  • He is now Captain of the crew Sea Dogs of Destrucion.
  • Achieved Ultimate guns on the 31st of August 2010.


It is widely known that Captinsav is the account owner of "Sardinez". This was backed up at Some olive blockade where he was third partied and admitted that it was wrong of him.

Being the ownerr of the account got him banned which sucks but ohwell.