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Cailen (Kā'lin) has been playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates since September 1, 2006. He has spent time on both subscription oceans as well as doubloon oceans. Cailen has played on the Midnight Ocean, the Hunter Ocean, and the Opal Ocean (where he now resides).


Midnight Ocean (Anicetus)

On September 1st, 2006, Cailen began his epic jouney on Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates on the Midnight Ocean. On this ocean, Cailen used a pirate called Anicetus. It was on this ocean that he learned the basics of the game. Cailen never joined a crew on this ocean, but rather jobbed for several. After four weeks of playing on the Midnight Ocean, Cailen found that this subscription ocean was quite limiting for those who didn't want to pay for a subscription; therefore, he set his sights on the doubloon oceans.

Hunter Ocean (Cailen)

On October 1st, 2006, Cailen made the big switch from subscription oceans to doubloon oceans. This time round he no longer found anything limiting, but (more the less) challenging. On this ocean Cailen joined three serparate crews: a crew called the Dark Leigon of the flag Castigo Final; a crew called Tremere of the flag Dark Alcazar; and, a crew called the Golden Knights of the flag Fate's Shadow. In each of these crews, Cailen rose to the rank of fleet officer before joining the next crew. As of now, Cailen is still an officer in the Golden Knights. However, he no longer resides on that ocean.

Opal Ocean (Cailen)

On December 8th, 2006, Cailen once again change oceans to the newly established Opal Ocean. As of now, Cailen resides on this ocean and is trying to re-establish himself on this new ocean. Cailen is now an indefinite officer of a crew called English Armada of the flag West Winds. Cailen plans to eventually start a crew with his hearties Korbyn and Aaron, but only time will tell.

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