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Blood in the Water (Midnight)

From YPPedia

For other uses of the term, see Blood in the Water.
Blood in the Water at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Biiann
Senior Officer(s) Vegeta, Denarii, Captianpoly, Dungeonlord, Iwish, Misspoly, Mordona, Spdrmnky, Redsam
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation WHAT IT DO
Founded 14 June, 2006
Merged into The Legacy as of 2 July, 2007

Blood in the Water was a crew that sailed the Midnight Ocean. The crew once flew the flag of WHAT IT DO.


Blood in the Water was founded by Biiann and Zeblood on June 14th 2006 from a split in the crew Undine's Wrath.

The crew founded the flag of Adnihilo Potentia but joined the flag of WHAT IT DO when Adnihilo Potentia disbanded.

A new crew called Blood In The Water was founded in the year 2007 on February 16.

By July of 2007 Blood in the Water had merged into The Legacy.

Public statement

We dropped our flag and crew so we could simply run our businesses and have fun. DON'T ASK US TO JOIN YOUR FLAG. We are done politics and infighting. Don't ask to join our crew. We have everyone we need. If you pilly with us, take what you get. Don't ask for more. Don't ask to port. Don't asked to be paid. You will be. If you forage and find something valuable, we will give you finder's fee. Don't worry. Be happy. It's a game. Enjoy.

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