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This is about the disbanded flag originally from the Cobalt Ocean. If you are looking for the current Cerulean flag, see Blackstar (Cerulean).

Blackstar at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Evilchris of serenity
Member crew(s) serenity, Eclipse, For Noobs, Inflate My Dinghy, fighting pink flamingos, The Revengers-West, Our Cup Overflows, Imperial Killers, Davey Jones Revenge, Demonia's DevilDogs
Founded 11 June, 2007
Disbanded as of 9 December, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info


Blackstar was a flag on the Cerulean Ocean, founded in the year 2007 on June 11 on Cobalt. The date is its disbanding is unknown.

Public statement

thanks to everyone who came out to support us

Extended public statement

Ahoy mates. We be a fun loving flag that may get a little rowdy at times. lol If anyone would like to join the flag please send the monarch or a member of royalty a tell so we can get it done. Please do not send us invites to join your flag. It is not going to happean.

Islands controlled by this flag!

Spectre Island

Spectre Island (Cobalt).png

Corona Reef

Corona Reef (Cerulean).png

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