Black Beard's Ghost

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Black Beard's Ghost at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Captain Edwardteach
Senior Officer(s) Aldetha, Berlinetta, Pot
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Hurricane
Founded 18 December, 2005
dormant as of 6 March, 2012
Crews-Black Beard's Ghost.jpg

Black Beard's Ghost is a dormant crew on the Cobalt Ocean, flying the flag of Hurricane. It was founded by Edwardteach on December 18, 2005.

Public Statement

Welcome to Black Beard's Ghost.

Proud members of Flag Hurricane.

Crew Colors: Aqua/Orange

Black Beard's Code of Conduct:

Rule 1 - Everyone must acknowledge and obey the command of the Captain or Commanding Officer of a vessel.

Rule 2 - If anyone steals from the crew or a crewmate, they will be marooned and left with only a bottle of water and a pistol with one shot.

Rule 3 - Anyone who encourages a negative attitude over public chat will suffer whatever punishment the Captain and the crew see fit.

Rule 4 - When out on a pillage, Do Not Ask "When do we get paid"? You will be paid after each battle. This crew takes longer pillages than most, to bring in as much poe/blood as we can. Our ships normally ports when we run out of rum/cb's

Rule 5 - Anyone who is not ready for action while aboard a vessel will not receive their share of any treasure and will suffer whatever further punishment the Captain and the crew see fit.

Rule 6 - Ask before boarding a vessel or yer crewmates will think ye ill mannered and may immediately force you to walk the plank the next time you board their ship.

Rule 7 - When in pursuit, or engaged in battle and you fail to perform yer deck duties and fail to defend the ship's hold to your best ability, you will be slowly and painfully tortured while the crew and Commanding officer joyfully watch you suffer. (In other words, if you laze about or leave the vessel, you will not receive your share of the booty.) Accordingly, Crew shares/booty divvy should not be altered where a pirate loses poe unless said pirate leaves while in pursuit or while engaged in battle, has a bad attitude, leaves without notice, or neglects their deck duties.

Rule 8 - All crewmates are requested to help at the crew's stalls, ask a Senior Officer or the Captain for information on current employment opportunities or risk any chance of promotion to the higher ranks.

Rule 9 - No Officer will engage in PvP battle with our flagmates or flag's allies unless previously agreed by both vessels.

Rule 10 - Anyone who loses an eye, hand or leg in battle will be eternally envied.

These Codes are really just common courtesy, we are all here to have fun! Being silly and having a good sense of humor is definitely a positive attribute for any, as long as it doesn't interfere with your deck duties.


If you have any questions talk to a Senior Officer or the Captain.