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Bits O' Booty

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Bits O' Booty at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Captain Bits
Senior Officer(s) Aethera, Briard, Melliep, Pal
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Smuggler's Pearl
Founded 29 September, 2005
Merged into Axis Analemma as of 25 January, 2009
Crews-Bits O' Booty.jpg

Bits O' Booty was a crew on the Cobalt Ocean that was founded on September 29, 2005. Started by Bits after a split with her original crew (Stunning Booty), its original members were Bits, Aethera and Rosary, all from Stunning Booty. Quickly joined by Pal, the ladies of BoB joined up with friends and formed the flag Smuggler's Guild, now Smuggler's Pearl. The crew was active until merging into Axis Analemma on February 14, 2008, following some dormancy by some of its senior members. Most of those members have since returned to play, but are content in their new home of AA.


  • Bits
  • Aethera

Public Statement

Welcome to Bits O' Booty, an up and coming crew. We like to have fun and make PoE.

To join the crew ye must sail with us through at least 2 battles, and show that ye can team in a melee and pay attention to what's going on. If ye can do that yer in!

If ye leave during battle yer pay will be docked. Only crew will gun or navigate unless otherwise delegated so DON'T ASK. Begging will also get ye planked.

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