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Navy Rank
Lieutenant Commander


Current Status

Biffledude is a senior officer and founding member of the crew Immaturely Spamming of the Meridian Ocean. He is a prince and founding member of the flag Ball So Hard. He owns and maintains an Apothecary Stall on Dragon's Nest. All of his time and everything he owns is shared with his best friend Fastpitchgrl. They can be found together most often ruining pillages due to their knack for talking alot and having fun messing with people. They also run the occasional MID-OCEAN PARTY on their War Frigate which has been painted and decked out for the occasion.

Ingame goals

He hopes to someday own many ships. Also he wishes to own a shipbuiling stall and an Ironworking Stall and maybe someday even a shoppe or two. He also hopes to be able to grow his crew and flag to be a force in the ocean and perhaps someday control an island.



  • Biffledude on Meridian (main)
  • Legendaryx on Meridian
  • Darthvadere on Emerald
  • Darths on Emerald
  • Biffledude on Midnight
  • And a few others rarely used
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