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Balls of Iron

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For the iron monger Balls of Iron on the Cerulean Ocean, see Balls of Iron (Tinga).
Balls of Iron at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Rhummie of Pirates du Roi
Member crew(s) Pirates du Roi
Founded 17 July, 2008
Allies Economics, The Free Folk, Rabidus Canis, Rebel Christening,
Wars None
Last updated on 29 September, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Balls of Iron.jpg

Balls of Iron is a flag on the Meridian Ocean.

Extended public statement

Welcome to our Flag; Balls of iron! We recruit all kind of crews. Ye can ask any Royalty to join us. We give 1 royal and 1 titled members to each crew join us. But not at the beginning.... we need trust first. also the crew has to be bigger then 10 to get this ! We also give another royal and titled member for every 20 crewmembers you have. We hope you will enjoy our flag and remember: HAVE FUN!



This flag was founded by Pirates Du Roi, meaning; pirates of the king (Hohaya). The flag was founded July 2008 by Hohaya, Rhumber, Rhummie and Minimarkman who became royalty.

Rhummie became Queen because she won the drinking contest.


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