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Dexedrine's Suggestion - More LE Portraits & More Frequently

Hi, I was directed here to post a suggestion by Nemesis instead of petitioning.

Re: Portrait Backgrounds

I understand that despite requests from multiple community artists to re-open portrait submissions for new portraits, the OceanMasters do not currently plan to do so. That's fine! However, I would LOVE to see more Limited Edition (LE)/previously released backgrounds to be available! Currently, it appears that in additional to seasonal backgrounds for holidays/special days, there is a small number of LE backgrounds available every 3 months or so.

I would like to propose the following:

- Change the LE portrait background rotation every ONE (1) month instead of every 3

- Double the amount of LE portrait backgrounds released (there are decades of portraits in the database!)

- Ensure there are at least 4 of each type of portrait (solo, double, 4, 5, 7 person) to ensure that there are multiple options for different sized groups of pirates


- Players like me would LOVE this! Players who hate portraits are unaffected by this proposed change

- More Doubloons would be spent, and potentially encourage more pirates to buy doubloons, which would be beneficial to Grey Havens

- Better variety on pirate and crew/flag pages


- A small amount of time may be required by the OceanMasters to reactivate said backgrounds, but I assume since they should still exist in the database and it's a matter of just selecting which ones exist in game, this should be minimal.

Thanks for reading my suggestion!

Dexedrine on the Emerald Ocean