Attack of the Rogue OM Squad/Round 2

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Up to date to post ???

17 were needed to lynch

Deadline was: ???

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
chwh13 RedOgre, satin11, maadneet, Synful, lulunz, comet1604, Stlnmyhrt, TheBeaver, yohohobob, Darkaardvark, Jerze, Scarymuffin, Hazarath, Dark_cloud95, Ironguts, Hohumdiddly, swordholder 17
Jerze CandyK, macaroonny, kaalvoet 3 lulunz, Dark_cloud95, Ironguts, Hohumdiddly
CountCristo Stevedrago 1
Stevedrago CountCristo 1 Jerze, Scarymuffin
Synful Kewene 1 Hohumdiddly, Hazarath
kaalvoet 0 satin11
Kewene 0 Yohohobob
macaroonny 0 swordholder
Yohohobob 0 Stlnmyhrt
TOTAL VOTES Hohumdiddly, Jerze, lulunz, Kewene, Swordholder, CandyK, satin11, Ironguts, ScaryMuffin, yohohobob, Stlnmyhrt, Hazarath, RedOgre, Hohumdiddly, macaroonny, satin11, Stevedrago, maadneet, lulunz, Comet1604, Stlnmyhrt, TheBeaver, yohohobob, Jerze, ScaryMuffin, Darkaardvark, Hazarath, Dark_Cloud95, Ironguts, Hohumdiddly, Swordholder 23
(No vote) Arty_pirate, b1ck132, Chwh13, crazejw, crosby1, Gov_Marley, juventus1, Mistermatt, Quakeypoo, Raya Foxfire 10