Attack of the Rogue OM Squad/Round 13

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Up to date to post ???

5 were needed to lynch

Deadline was: ???

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Synful Satin11, crosby1, RedOgre, TheBeaver, yohohobob 5 Raya_Foxfire, crosby1, yohohobob, b1ck132
yohohobob CandyK, Synful 2
b1ck132 b1ck132 1 CandyK, yohohobob
Satin11 Raya_Foxfire 1 CandyK, b1ck132, Synful
TheBeaver 0 Synful
TOTAL VOTES yohohobob, satin11, Synful, CandyK, b1ck132, Raya_Foxfire, crosby1, Synful, crosby1, Raya_Foxfire, b1ck132, CandyK, yohohobob, b1ck132, CandyK, Synful, RedOgre, TheBeaver, yohohobob 9
(No vote) 0