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Annunaki at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Shadymermady of Stop
Member crew(s) Stop, Party In My Pants, Regent, The Argonauts, Imperfection, Prepare To Be Harassed, Black Moon, Pirates of Doom
Founded 26 September, 2012
Allies Atlantean Warfare, Stone Soup, What A Ride
Wars Greed Studios
Last updated on 28 September, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Annunaki is a flag based on the Meridian Ocean.

Public statement

Celebrity Heads! Winners have been announced, please find Shady to claim your prize <3 thank you so very much to everyone that entered our event, it was greatly appreciated!

Extended public statement

Noeyedblack flag officer chats, "that's okay i'm used to girls not knowing when I'm having sex with them" Peet flag officer chats, "My nipple hair is like tassels."

Private Flag.

We will be fussy when deciding who we invite to our flag as we intend to be very active in the blockade scene in the near future. We are looking for crews who are wanting to be involved in our plans to shoot peoples faces. If you think that you or your crew would enjoy being part of a soon to be active flag, or cade team please speak to one of our Royal or Titled members.

If you are only wanting to join a flag so you can wear a crown in portraits then this is not the flag for you. If you think that you can buy your position in the flag, then Annunaki is not the place for you. Royalty positions are for those who know and understand the political aspect as well as the practical components needed to blockade and to exist sucessfully in the blockading environment. Do not think that by joining our flag we owe you something, because quite the opposite is true.

We have alot to offer the members of our flag and we take pride in our accomplishments.

Flag Values

  1. Like to shoot stuff
  2. Enjoy being at war
  3. Be willing to work as an individual and as a team to achieve common goals
  4. Enjoy being in a positive environment leaving all drama and negative attitudes at the door.

As the wise woman Aarachel once said;

" We love sexeh and keen peeps long time!!! Any arrogant know-it-alls or annoying jerks get shown the door and ain't missed :P "