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Annihilation at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Intner
Senior Officer(s) Damon, Spyke
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Veni Vidi Vici
Dormant or disbanded as of 2 October, 2006

Public Statement

This crew is designed to strike a balance between skill and social. Our somewhat tough promotion requirements mean that if someone is an officer, at the very least they do know what they are doing. But don't let that scare you, we are still very friendly and talkative(at least I am anyway.). If you would like to join contact an officer or me, Intner.


Pirate - 1 Broad Piracy Skill

Officer - Broad Bilging, Sailing, Carpentry & Gunnery. Narrow Swordfighting and Rumbling. You will be trained or prove you have the training.

Fleet Officer - Solid Bilging, Sailing, Carpentry & Gunnery. Broad Navigating, Broad Battle Navigating.

Senior Officer - All that as well as Solid Navigating, Solid Battle Navigating, and have your own ship.(Minor exceptions will be made at my discretion.)


  • Use permission to board (ptb) or you should expect to be planked without warning. (The exception is if a pillage is advertised over crew chat, this means the OIC(Officer In Charge) wants anyone and everyone to come and that you don't need to ask ptb.)
  • Do not beg for promotions, money and do not use crew chat to sell things or to argue with any one person. (arguing with a single person can be and should be done in private tells.)
  • Do not swear on crew chat, or anywhere for that matter.
  • Do not argue with my desicions as this is pointless and will get you nowhere.
  • Crew Colors are Green & Grey but not a requirement.


Sloops - 7

War Brigs - 1


Annihilation was founded on August 21, 2006 by Intner, with Damon breifly posing as First Mate for a day and a half before returning to his old crew, Damon then returned to reclaim his position on August 25th, in his absense Intner had recruited about 50 new members and achieved the fame rating of Rumored. Intner then decided to join a flag and after careful consideration joined Veni Vidi Vici. It then went on to pick up Spyke as second mate after gaining the fame rating of Noted.

They continued to grow and improve their exsisting members as the days went on, they also achieved the feared crew rank of Sea Lords and the fame rating of Established. Membership dropped somewhat as many of the cabin people who were just trying out the game did not come back and went dormant. They managed to keep their Sea Lords rating and grow to Renowned fame at the same time. They lost Sea Lords a short time later.

Annihilation has merged with Imperial Hunters.