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Alanshu sails the seas of the Emerald Ocean and is currently a fleet officer in the crew Far East Pirates. He is based off of Admiral Island and dislikes the invasive buildings that are now blocking the streets and views towards the sea!


Personal Biography

Humble Beginnings

Alanshu began his Puzzle Pirates career in 2006 when he was just a little lad. Sailing the seas of the Sage Ocean, he met Reynard when he was just a greenie and joined a small but friendly crew called Nusantara. Having found a home with friends who provided a fostering environment to help develop his puzzle skills, Alanshu realized he had a knack for carpentry. This discovery would later have a major impact on his playstyle as he would almost certainly booch all the other puzzles!

After a while, the crew of Nusantara renamed themselves The Underdog and by this time, Alanshu had reached the rank of fleet officer and earned the title carpenter of The Underdog. Many players would have a significant impact on this little boy’s experience of the game, including those of Reynard, Emanuella, Shanee, Yasuo (formerly Yazu), Ajeng, and Agrippa.

As all good things must come to an end, the crew was finally disbanded after a period of dormancy among the main members.

The Golden Era

Just as one door closes, another one opened for Alanshu when his friend Emanuella invited him to join The Elite Privateers. Soon after, she became captain and was tasked with leading the crew into the golden age of Puzzle Pirates. Although this crew was a lot larger than his last and were one of the more famous to sail the seas of the Sage Ocean, Alanshu felt they lacked the small, family atmosphere that had made his first crew so special. Nevertheless, he persevered and enjoyed his time being a Privateer and accomplished many things during this period.

As the real world became much more of a priority, Alanshu himself became dormant in the game. Upon his return, he had discovered that Emanuella had left the world of Puzzle Pirates, as well as many other people who became dormant. With no real connection towards The Elite Privateers with his friend’s absence, Alanshu decided it was best to take his leave and become an independent pirate. Thus began a period of hiatus that would last a very long time.


This period is marked with long absences from the game with an emphasis on the real world. Ranging from years to every few months, Alanshu would occasionally log back in to see if any of his hearties were online as he would always remember his time on Puzzle Pirates.

On one such occasion, Alanshu managed to catch his first friend and former captain Reynard in game. The two caught up and were glad to see the latter was doing well. Alanshu was then invited into Reynard's crew Far East Pirates in which he gladly accepted.

The New Era

After ten years since he first discovered the world of Puzzle Pirates, Alanshu has finally finished his studies in the real world and now has the time to invest more into the game. Many things have changed since then and there are not as many pirates roaming the open seas, however his desire to reconnect with his former crew still remains strong.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Manages to somehow always be late to fight skellies
  • Claims to remember at one point around 300 PoE could be traded for a single doubloon
  • Swears he once got A Masterpiece!20 or higher in carpentry during a blockade
  • After a decade of playing he finally manages to win the Chalice of Blood trophy
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