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Andrinia is a pirate of the Sage Ocean.

The pirates on the other oceans are alts, and are currently not in any use.


Andrinia started playing in December 2005, after her cousin Cambar introduced her to the game. She started out in the crew Fair Winds in League of Light under his command. She quickly got into the game, and with her cousins help, she also learned quickly how to puzzle well. She got her first Ultimate standing, bilging in her third week.

After some time in Fair Winds she decided to switch crews. She did not want to stay in the same crew as Cambar, in order for her to develop as much as possible, and become more independent. She then joined Cielo Ardente under the captaincy of Jeanie in the same flag, where she had loads of fun and managed to rise to the rank of fleet officer.

She stopped playing just a month later of various reasons, and didn't start again until September 2006.

In the beginning of January 2007, Cielo Ardente was going to be merged into the crew Darkened Embers. Andrinia didn't want to leave her beloved flag, League of Light so she decided to switch crews. So before Cielo Ardente was merged into Darkened Embers, she switched crews to Poseidon's Tricorne under the captaincy of Kneiss. She raised to the rank of fleet officer after three weeks.

In May 2007 she started on a break, but still visited now and then.

She returned to the game in the middle of November 2007.

In December 2007, she was made lady of League of Light. Later in December she left Poseidons Tricorne because of some internal trouble and joined Tide Hunters for a period.

She suddenly disappeard in January 2008. No one knew where she had gone and when she would return. She showed her face again in October 2008. Because she didn't want to be bound to a crew, she decided to become independent, leaving Tide Hunters.

She can now be found on sage now and then, either BK hunting or catching up with old hearties.