Fair Winds

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Fair Winds at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Spatulamom
Senior Officer(s) Aarcher, Alfwyn, Jesserempel, Netshadow, Everclearboy
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Raving Notion
Founded 20 April, 2006
Last updated on 7 April, 2015
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Fair Winds is a crew on the Emerald Ocean in the flag Raving Notion. The crew colors are navy and white.


Cambar and Ceraphim founded the crew on the Sage Ocean in the year 2006 on March 20. Fair Winds has been the #1 ranked crew in Sage. After it had been left without a captain for weeks, Ceraphim assumed leadership of the crew and made it her own. When Ceraphim became inactive, Spatulamom took over early in 2008.

Public Statement

Work in Progress <3

Crew Rules

  1. Have fun!!
  2. Be polite and treat others with respect.
  3. Obey vessel commander.
  4. Ask permission to board vessels en route.
  5. No attacking Allied Crews. If this happens in error, apologize to the commander of the other ship and disengage. If an Allied Crew attacks ye, warn the commander of that ship and disengage. If combat continues, report the incident afterwards.
  6. Restock all ships after a pillage. Please follow the guidelines listed below:
    Sloop- 30 Fine Rum and 60 Small Cannonballs
    Cutter- 40 Fine Rum and 75 Small Cannonballs
    War Brig- 50 Fine Rum and 120 Medium Cannonballs
    Merch Brig- 60 Fine Rum and 100 Medium Cannonballs
Failure to restock a ship after ye lead a pillage will result in demotion until the crew member owning the deed is repaid in full.

**Do not ask other pirates or officers for poez or dubs! Go earn yer keep! If ye ask and I see it, ye face expulsion.

Crew Shoppes and Stalls

  • Ceraphim's Capes of Good Hope Tailor's on Scrimshaw Island
  • Alfwyn's Distilling stall on Lincoln Island
  • Aarchers's Tailor on Descartes Isle
  • Aarcher's Weavery on Admiral Island
  • Aarcher's Furniture Stall on Descartes
  • Aarcher's Ironworking Stalls on Admiral, Wensleydale, Greenwich Island, Descartes and Spaniel
  • Netshadow's Apothecary Stall on Descartes
  • Netshadow's Weavery on Descartes
  • Ship's Distilling Stall on Greenwhich
  • Stotigers Ironworking Stall on Descartes
  • Everclearboy's shipbuilding stall on Greenwich
  • Everclearboy's apothecary stall on Greenwich
  • Sacrifice's tailoring stall on Greenwich