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Yoweb is the web interface that serves several web pages to the game client. In addition, the majority of yoweb pages can be accessed outside of the game in a standard web browser, giving up-to-the-minute information on a variety of areas.

What isn't on yoweb

Crew and flag issues, the blockade tab of the notice board, and the doubloon exchange are three areas that players often ask about that are not accessible from yoweb.

What is on yoweb


See also: Info page#Flag

Flag yoweb pages are the external pages that are viewed in-game as the Flag Info.



See also: Info page#Crew

Crew yoweb pages are the external pages that are viewed in-game as the Crew Info.


See also: Info page#Pirate

For pirates yoweb provides the Personal Pirate Page:

...the trophy page:

...as well as the portrait gallery:


See also: Info page#Island

Island yoweb pages list the island population, the archipelago it is located in, the ruling flag, and the commodities it exports.

To list details for a particular island:

  • http://OCEAN.puzzlepirates.com/yoweb/island/info.wm?islandid=IDNUMBER


To list all colonized islands on an ocean:

  • http://OCEAN.puzzlepirates.com/yoweb/island/info.wm?showAll=true


Tax rates

Tax rates provides a chart for the tax value of all commodities on each ocean. For more information, see Tax value.

Battle info

These are the recent win/loss and player versus player records for each crew. To access the battle info page, navigate to the crew's info page and then follow the link indicating their crew rank, e.g. "Imperials".

Fame lists

These are the crew and flag fame lists as displayed in the game.



Ultimate lists

These are the ultimate lists for the appropriate puzzles on each ocean. For links to each ultimate list, please see the appropriate YPPedia article.

Doubloon costs

These are the various fees charged, sorted (within each category of fee) in increasing amount of doubloons. These pages are not generated dynamically, but instead are provided for reference.

Reputation lists

These show the top reputation lists, where ENTITY is one of either PIRATE, CREW or FLAG, and CATEGORY is one of either CONQUEROR, EXPLORER, PATRON or MAGNATE. Note, the ENTITY and CATEGORY values are both case-sensitive - that is, they must be in all-caps.