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This is a wishlist for YPPedia things that are needed to help make pages better. Please categorize your requests by type. If you can fulfill a request in the immediate future, just zap that item off the list. For more in-depth projects such as complicated templates, put your name down as working on it in case someone else is looking to assist with ideas.


PNG is the preferred image format.


  • Screenshots of the tiny minimap versions of housing. (Name using Right/Left-Housename-Mini.png)
  • Need a new version of Image:Left-Estate_Garden.png. This one was converted from a JPEG.


Missing images

Category:Missing images is a list of images required for articles, and a temporary placeholder image has been uploaded.


  • Pair o' Santa boots (male and female)


  • Find out about, and document the availability of the atlantean and indigo starfish.



InterWiki and such

  • Would need a Reference to entries in sister yppedias, to ease translation. As a starter, I'd plant templates {{en|Page_title}} and {{de|Seitentitel}}, that should be visible at the bottom. Example: http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/de/Arbeitskraft


  • Having a friendly preformulated message for talkpages about the need to use a force reload after changing an image would be nice. It should explain the problem and tell the user how to do the force reload for different browsers. A bit similar to {{Test}} (Usage).
  • There's a template for adding blockades to the blockade history pages. It would be good to have directions on how to add a blockade to those pages on each history's talk page.

YPPediazation of Forum Things

For those search-fu masters out there who would like to also gain some wiki editing skills:

  • Duty puzzle bake-off could use some filling out as to the previous bake-offs that have occurred.
  • There are a lot of fanart comics out there. It would be nifty to have pages about each comic in the Art namespace and even an artist article talking about the artist in the same namespace.
  • Ultimate Avatar Chef Contest - it would be nice to have the round winners as well as the recipes & the winner's full set.
  • PotC Spoof Video Contest - started page here
  • Pages for the new concepts mentioned by Cleaver that're being discussed in different threads. Tag the articles as things not yet in the game, but under development & discussion. Add any information that's been mentioned with a link to the post (ie Cleaver's post in the sea monsters thread saying all the battles'll be sinking) to make it a good reference for those interested in those discussions. http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=45278


Articles needing updates from recent releases


Housing Floorplan Data

  • Help getting the data for the floor/wall usability is needed for most of the housing types.
    • Cottage (left-facing)
    • Row House (left-facing)
    • Townhouse (left-facing)
    • Manor (left-facing)
    • Mansion (both)
    • Estate (left-facing)

Phrase translation


  • A sort of "map legend" -page, that explains all the different symbols (flotilla, league point, etc.) on the "Yer known world" -map, and how the maps work (how places are discovered to memory or shown because of available charts). (This could be added to page Yer known world or Chart.)


Wiki Use Tutorials

There are various subjects that could use tutorials and screenshots with pointers to illustrate them:

Other tutorials & Howtos

  • Forum
    • Posting, replying & editing
    • Private messages
    • Searching
  • Game
  • Tutorial contest cleanup
    • Integration or deletion of the various entries from Astrolabe's contest. Many can be found by looking at Special:Uncategorizedpages.
    • Carpentry tutorial needs some fixing of the tips tables & other formatting issues that don't render well at 1024x768.
  • Detailed information about group portraits for answering questions like these

Technical Issues Articles

Some articles covering the more common technical issues would be a great addition, use the discussion page here if you have questions.

Policy on Events

  • Develop a policy that governs which types of event are suitable for the Y!PPedia, and how to go about staging one. The confusion over the Tutorial Contest seems to make this necessary; much of the confusion could have been completely averted if policy, guidelines, and a procedure was in place. (For example, I'd recommend that meeting up with a designated administrator should be a requirement to using the wiki for an event, just to address technical and practical issues, and to minimize disruption to the day-to-day.)


  • List of brigand king skellies (similar to the one for ships).