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Not to be confused with Hussar

Wingedhussar is currently a captain of the crew The Capitalists and king of the flag Outcasts.


Wingedhussar began his piratey career as a fleet officer in the crew Ottoman Armada, but after a dispute with a senior officer, he left to join Booty Kickers where he received the rank of SO (this crew was under the leadership of Shadowdork).

When the flag, Wings of Fire, disbanded, Wing left the crew with some officers to form the crew New Wave, where he took the rank of Captain. The crew initially joined a flag, but then decided to create its own, Outcasts.

After a crew fallout, Wing merged the remainder of New Wave into his alt crew, Eternally Cavalier. Eternally Cavalier eventually became a blockade crew, and Wingedhussar then made the crew Angry Young and Poor, which was an illustrious crew at one point. Wing eventually became too busy with leading the flag, and joined the blockade crew The Capitalists.

Eventually after much internal strife, Wingedhussar left Outcasts in search for new adventures. For a while, he enjoyed his position as a Prince in The Ottoman Empire under Barbarosaa. Eventually, for unknown reasons he left to create Raving Notion.

Wingedhussar is extremely well known on Sage. Having probably the most diverse political history (he has been in literally every major alliance web on sage), Winged currently loves his flag and alliance web. He enjoys pokering and blockade/pvp navving. Eternally Cavalier is now an active crew, which Wingedhussar is captain of.