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I have been playing PP since August 2005 on Viridian Ocean and Hunter Ocean after a very short trial spell on the Cobalt Ocean. My greatest and proudest YPP accomplishment was becoming an Island Designer under my Minimoses account before being banned for breaking Forum ToS. I also enjoyed assisting in some cleanup tasks for the yppedia administrators.

I have played as Alive, Evian, and Phantom on Viridian aswell as Drake on Hunters Ocean. Please see their respective pages for details about my accomplishments during those tenures.

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Forum Tart

  • When the pets release was issued on all oceans, "Drake" decided to play God and get creative. He invented the Puzzle Pirate Pet Cross Breeding Society (PPPCBS) - For free, Drake took a selection of requested animals, a few gallons of rum and a Barry White compilation, making some of the whackiest pets PP has seen to date.

Island Designer

  • I joined the island design team just before Hunter Ocean was released, Having worked on one secret new ocean, I had taken the role of an Arch Lead Designer for forthcoming oceans, sadly, through fault of my own, my Account was banned and I have been forbidden to use this Cmdr_Marty to design islands, an error I will always regret.

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