The Flames of Fate

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The Flames of Fate at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Zaltos
Senior Officer(s) Banans, Blackjon, Birds, Dosser, Senthen
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Imperial Coalition
Founded 27 August, 2010
Last updated on 13 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
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The Flames of Fate is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag Imperial Coalition.

Public statement

You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it.


'The Flames of Fate' was founded by Zaltos, Darkmagcian and Kheif on the 27th of August, 2010. All of the founders were former members of The Seas of Anarachy and seeked a new beginning. The crew hit the ground running and grew large in size and fame. In only three days, Zaltos created the flag, Horizon of Hope. After the first few weeks of the creation of the crew, Capnawesome joined as a pirate but rose to senior officer over time because of his hard work. [To be completed...]


~ Courtesy - "Do unto others as others shall do unto you,". The respect and kindness you show in the Flames of Fate will follow ye throughout yer career here, be it short-lived or everlasting. Choose your fate.

~ Integrity - In order to gain trust, be honest. In order to trust others, accept the honesty in them. Our crew is a community. Believe in it and it shall believe in you.

~ Indomitable Spirit - Kindlings only fuel the flame. Its work gains no credit. Fight to be seen, fight to be flame. Are you a kindling, or the fire?


1) Respect everyone, regardless of race, culture, etc.

2) Restock to requirements stated by owner's ship!

3) Do NOT steal! Or in the words of Cronus "We will cut your face off with a rusty blade".

4) No spamming, crew chats in particular.

5) Use PTB (Permission to Board) before boarding a ship. Type in crew chat, 'PTB [Insert Ship Name]?'. For example: 'PTB Azure Blaze?'.

6) Avoid abuse of the 'Call All Hands' on a ship. If crew members wanted to come, they would have gone on the first call.

7) Have FUN!

Ranking history

-07/09/10 Eminent crew fame (in only just under two weeks after crew creation)

-08/09/10 #47 in crew fame

-09/09/10 #44 in crew fame

-10/09/10 #43 in crew fame

-11/09/10 #40 in crew fame

-12/09/10 #39 in crew fame

-13/09/10 #35 in crew fame

-17/09/10 #31 in crew fame

-18/09/10 #28 in crew fame

-19/09/10 #26 in crew fame

-21/09/10 #25 in crew fame

-22/09/10 #23 in crew fame

-24/09/10 #21 in crew fame

-26/09/10 #19 in crew fame

-27/09/10 #17 in crew fame

-28/09/10 #16 in crew fame

-07/10/10 #14 in crew fame

-08/10/10 #13 in crew fame

-28/10/10 Illustrious crew fame

-28/10/10 "Greenie's Revenge" merges with the crew

-29/10/10 #12 in crew fame

-30/10/10 #9 in crew fame

-01/11/10 #8 in crew fame

-08/11/10 #6 in crew fame

-11/11/10 #5 in crew fame

-13/12/10 "Darkness Rising" merges with the crew

-20/12/10 #3 in crew fame

-27/12/10 #2 in crew fame

Ranks and promotions

  • Icon cabin person.png Cabin Person (Extinguished Flames): This rank is only used as a punishment... =(
  • Icon pirate.png Pirate (Red Flames): Anyone Who joins! :]
  • Icon officer.png Officer (Ruby Flames): Broad+ in THREE of the following: Sailing, Rigging, Gunning and Bilging and Distinguished+ in TWO of the THREE Broads+ stations above.
  • Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officer (Crimson Flames): Qualified as an Officer + Broad+/Distinguished+ in Battle Navigation and also Experienced at running pillages. You must also be trusted and recommended by TWO Senior Officers.
  • Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer (Scarlet Flames): Qualified as a Fleet Officer and you must also be friendly, social and among the most trusted in the crew! ;)
  • Icon captain.png Co-Captain (Aqua Flame): Blackjon :]
  • Icon captain.png Co-Captain (Jade Flame): Darky Only! :3
  • Icon captain.png Captain (Azure Flame): Zalt 4EVER >:)

Important information

Primary Crew Home: Kirin Island

Secondary Crew Home: Lima Island

Stately Crew Hall: Located At Kirin Island ^.^

Crew Website:

Crew/Flag Forum:

Important dates

27/08: Creation of T.F.O.F

30/09: Day of Departure...