The British Eagles

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The British Eagles at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Framling
Senior Officer(s) Evry, Gagundss, Nickster, Rhodin
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Blowin' in the Wind
Founded 7 March, 2005
Last updated on 4 February, 2012
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The British Eagles is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean, originally founded on the Viridian Ocean prior to the ocean merge. The crew currently flies the flag of Blowin' in the Wind.


The Royal Marines Period

The British Eagles was originally founded under the name The British Marines by Antix on 7 March, 2005 and flew the flag The Royal Marines (now known as Infierno De los Diablos) under monarchy of Antix/Ryanisgreat. A short while later, Skull and Crossbones declared war on the flag, and with the help of Scuppering Seven Seas' alt crew, sunk a large amount of Eatdamuffin’s fleet.

Around a week later, The War Eagles, captained by Grindelmule, decided to merge with The British Marines and the combined crew was renamed to The British Eagles. However, after a month, a rift grew between The British Eagles and Antix, then First Mate of the crew. Antix left the crew to found the crew, New World Order. This resulted in The British Eagles leaving the Royal Marines to join the flag of Scuppering Seven Seas, one week prior to the Prolix Purlieu blockade.

Proof to the fact that The British Eagles is what was The British Marines is that The War Eagles still exist, being held under Grindelmule's alt.

Scuppering Seven Seas Period

After three months of rule, in June 2005, Grindelmule stated his intentions to leave the game and passed the captaincy to Terhial, with Dragonblade as first mate. However, about two weeks later, Terhial also left the game and Dragonblade took over the captaincy of The British Eagles with Johndigger as first mate.

In July 2005, The British Eagles took part in a blockade against their friends and former flag mates, Infierno De los Diablos, at Kirin Island. This was the first time that many of the crew members had participated in a blockade as navigators. After a long heated battle, the blockaded ended with a score of 3-2 in their favor. Unfortunately, this blockade had a huge impact on their friendship with Infierno De los Diablos.

August of 2005 was a difficult month for the crew. During one weekend, three islands were blockaded simultaneously, and two were lost.

During November of 2006, The British Eagles ended up flying the flag of The Borg when Scuppering Seven Seas was renamed to coincide with its new mission to assimilate the entire ocean.

The Wandering Period

In December, The Borg was involved in five simultaneous blockades, just after Scupperer retired, leaving the flag to be run by a council of royals. After much effort and hard work, in which the flag earned a lot of prestige, Scuppering Seven Seas, which had been renamed back to their original name, fell. Following much contemplation, the crew decided to join Requiem; however, after one and half months they decided to leave and join El Cazador, lead by Lorthar. It only took half a month for the crew to realize they didn't belong there and move again to fly the flag of Ellipse.

Ellipse Period

Within Ellipse, The British Eagles rose to be one of the leading crews of the flag, with crew members such as Karinam, Queen of Ellipse, and Dragonblade, Minister of Blockades.

By June of 2007 Blackcaspian had replaced Dragonblade as captain of The British Eagles and the crew had moved to the flag Regnum Irae.

By May 2009 Evry had taken over the captaincy and the crew had moved flags to Blowin' in the Wind.

In 2010 the captaincy had been passed on to Framling.

Public Statement

Avast! The BEagles!

Welcome to one of the oldest crews on the Viridian Ocean. We are The British Eagles and we welcome newcomers to join us as we continue to age. So, if you would like to join a crew and earn some good poe, please join up. We'd love to have you. YARR!

To join ask an officer.

And no we do not want to join your flag. If you still think you have a shot at getting us to join, you probably just blew it by inviting us without asking.

Welcome to The British Eagles! As most of you know we are The British Marines and the War Eagles merged into one large crew, and trust us we are one of the best and most fun crews yet.

Crew Articles

Lack of Knowledge is not an excuse. Make sure you know these rules. Rules for getting on a ship, whether yer jobbed, cabin person, or pirate:

  1. If the ship is out at sea or in port, ask for permission to board in the /crew channel. Please don't use /tell.
    • Current change is you must ask Permission to board EVEN in port.
  2. If no one answers, don't board. If you board by mistake and get planked, apologize and don't do it again. If you do it again, we get irritated and we just might expel you.
  3. If no one answers, don't keep asking; they're busy, and that's annoying.
  4. If an invite is given on the /crew channel, i.e. "Earnest Grunion is going pillaging, hop on!", then hop on - you don't need to ask PTB then.
  5. We don't screw jobbers; if you have to leave, you'll still get your cut.
  6. Don't ever leave in the midst of a battle without a good sorrowful explanation of your pitiful crisis, or this WILL get your pay cut.
  7. If yer not part of the crew, wait until we stop at a port to ask to join up.

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