Silver Bulletts

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Silver Bulletts at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Mydnyght
Senior Officer(s) Floyd
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Veracious Tenacity
Founded 4 July, 2005
merged with Alere flammam Veritatis as of 12 January, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info

Silver Bulletts was founded on July 4th, 2005, by former captain Floyd. They quickly joined his old flag - Caper's Capers.

The crew joined Silver Dawn on March 31, 2006. The crew joined Veracious Tenacity late in 2008.

Public Statement

We be a young crew just starting out. We are here to have fun and work toward a common goal within the flag.

After much thought i have come to the conclusion that we are needing to have some guidelines set.

For the Captain and all Officers:

YOU take a ship out, it is YOUR responsibility to return the ship to port. NO ONE ELSE'S!!!!

For ALL crew members:

1) Ye must use PtB(permission to board) from now on. Failure to do so will result in ye being planked until ye do. There are times when someone will be sailing that ye may not be allowed to board.

2) When issued an order, DO NOT question it. The Captain needs all pirates, working duties, to obtain battle pieces.

3) Use crew chat or speak for general tarting. The use of tells is for private conversations ONLY, asking when we are going sailing is not a private conversation.

4) The bridge and the booty is for the attention of the Captain and Officers ONLY. Jobbers checking the booty to see the total collected after each battle will be planked and NOT paid. Yer on the ship for a job, not to concern yerself with the total of the pillage.

5) Challenges and trades are to be done on land, not on the ship. Doing so will result in being planked. Ye will receive a warning first.

6) DO NOT ask the Captain/Officer: when do we port or can we port. The Captain/Officer will port when he/she is ready to. Pay will still be issued, EVEN if ye are offline.

7) Ye must understand that I will not always be pillaging. As Captain, I have flag business that needs my attention. When we go out pillaging, ye will be invited as always but please give us our space also. There is always someone always hiring jobbers from the mission board. I know it is not the same as pillaging with yer crew but ye must understand that we have other things going on.

On a final note, these guidelines will be revised from time to time as the Captain sees fit to do so.