Caper's Capers

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Caper's Capers at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Rizzalina of British Bulldogs
Member crew(s) British Bulldogs, Maroon Marauders, Red Rouges, Order of Magnitude, Sunset Calls, Lunar Dog Syndicate
Dormant or disbanded as of 9 June, 2007

The flag Caper's Capers was founded on 15 July in the year 2004 on the Midnight Ocean.


On Sunday, 23 April 2006, Docryno was crowned monarch when Dembones stepped down to enjoy the life of crew captain. On June 25th 2006, Capers joined in on the blockade already initiated by Dies Irae against Jesters' Court at Turtle VI. Capers lost to Dies Irae in three rounds. July 22, 2006 found Capers attain control of their first island in the Midnight ocean after winning Winter V blockade. Midnight Armada encouraged other flags to give Winter a new owner, and so they did not defend. Caper's won the island in a four round blockade against the only other contender, Klingon Empire. On Sunday, November 19, 2006 Capers elected a new queen, Rizzalina, and a new Governor for Winter Solstice, Francisgrace.

Governing Body

The Caper's Capers flag is ruled by monarch Rizzalina. Please direct any diplomatic issues to her or any of the following royalty pirates:

Royalty Members

  • Austeralia of Red Rouges
  • Berjo of British Bulldogs
  • Dembones of Pirates Internationale
  • Francisgrace of Maroon Marauders
  • Loneraider of Lunar Dog Syndicate
  • Nobuseri of Order of Magnitude
  • Ruhannah of Pirates Internationale
  • Rustypirate of British Bulldogs
  • Scysal of Maroon Marauders
  • Whitedovecam of Sunset Calls
  • Yamorg of Shadow of the Void

Titled Members

  • Alydra of Maroon Marauders
  • Angelia of Pirates Internationale
  • Arth of British Bulldogs
  • Berwa of British Bulldogs
  • Brooklyn of Red Rouges
  • Calicokitty of Pirates Internationale
  • Hasceph of Sunset Calls
  • Isabelle of British Bulldogs
  • Jan of Pirates Internationale
  • Kalaena of Pirates Internationale
  • Oldrust of Pirates Internationale
  • Pavillion of British Bulldogs
  • Pirateanna of British Bulldogs
  • Ramboetta of Maroon Marauders
  • Sangari of Shadow of the Void
  • Shadowflame of Shadow of the Void
  • Squibbly of Pirates Internationale

Public Statement

It's a point that tells against us and a fact to be deplored, but We chased the goodly merchantmen and laid their ships aboard.

Then the dead men fouled the scuppers and the wounded filled the chains And the paintwork was all splatterdashed with other people's brains.

She was boarded, she was looted, she was scuttled till she sank. And the pale survivors left us by the medium of the plank ~Portion of a ballad by John Masefield

We are Caper's excellent group of people and damn fine pirates from all over the world. If you wish to join our flag, contact one of the royalty. We be happy to entertain the idea of bringing more scurvy pirates aboard. ARRR!

External Links

The Caper's Capers flag forum (link below) can be accessed by all flag members after registration and approval. When registering, please use your pirate name from this flag. If you deviate from this and the administrators do not know who you are, you will be denied access to the new board. The forum does also provide an open area where friends, allies, and foes are welcome to tart.