Sharp Daggers

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Sharp Daggers at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Alyys
Senior Officer(s) Blackdarknes,Priatecat,Downl
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobbers Delight
Flag Affiliation The Damsel's Templars
Founded 27 April, 2012
Last updated on 18 April, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Sharp Daggers is a crew on the Emerald Ocean. The crew has recently reached its First Birthday.

Public Statement

A Dagger can be just as deadly

Extended Public Statement

A sense of humour is required to join us ;) Very active crew chat, may contain some adult content/language, so make sure your filter is on if easily offended :)

We're a very active crew, running pillys, expo pillys, 24 hour pillys, SMHs, Flotillas, PvPs etc. Anyone is welcome to join us! We have many officers willing to help newer players learn the ropes!

We offer officer training to all our new officers and anyone who needs/wants a little refresher course.


Sharp Daggers was founded by Blackdarknes on 27th April 2012 under the name of Sharp Knifes.

The Early Days

In July 2012 Sharp Daggers aka Sharp Knifes was on the brink of disbandment. During this period in the crew's history the crew suffered with a lot of people leaving the crew. Blackdarknes was always trying to get people to join, but it was in vain and due to Black's real life commitments the entire crew fell dormant from the month of July to the beginning of September.

Rebirth of the Crew

When Black had returned to the ocean instead of disbanding the crew he set out to rebuild it and ensure that it was active within the Emerald Ocean. At this time he met Istardoriem and current Senior officer Alyys. A few weeks later Tutmaster joined and the crew was starting to get back on its feet.

Fall Outs

After what had been dubbed as the "Rebith" Istardoriem was starting to have regular falling outs with Black. He then left the crew and started his own. Tutmaster and Black then proceeded to fall out when Tutmaster requested he became Captain, this was seen as mutiny by Black and Tutmaster then left the crew taking a total of 15 members with him.

A New Beginning

After the Fall out period Black and his crew settled into regular pirate life. After the "Fall out" period Priatecat joined and helped get the crew back up to a decent number.

Soon after whispers on ocean started to begin saying that Sharp Knifes was not the correct Grammatik format, so Black made a minor change to the crew name and changed it to Sharp Daggers as it is known today.

The First Merge

During this period of time, the crew called Murderer's Pearl merged with Sharp Daggers, this was unforseen by Sharp Daggers but after a talk with Murderer's Pearl's Captain Downl, who was a friend of Blackdarknes, the merge went forward and so the crew of Murderer's Pearl had now become part of Sharp Daggers History.

Black Stands Down

On June 3rd 2013 Blackdarknes stepped down for good and handed captaincy to Alyys for good, the crew was placed in strong hands.


1. Be respectful to all your fellow pirates

2. Don't go afk without telling the officer in charge

3. Always ask permission to board (PTB)

4. Don't steal from other's ships, restock them as you found them after using them


Cabin = Punishment

Pirate = everyone starts here :)

Officer = 3 broads and a soild are required and you must show that you can run a pilly :) - having a ship is instant officer, do not trick us by trading it back after you will be caught out

Fleet Officer = after a few weeks you may raise to Fleet Officer, this rank needs alot of trust and as much will depend on how you act in crew

Senior Officer = you must have the trust of the SOs and the Captain and be known in the crew as trustworthy

Captain = I believe this Job will never be given away

Crew Shoppes and Stalls

Alyys's Ironworks stall - on Isle of Kent

Blackdarknes's Shipbuilding stall - on Isle of Kent

Flags that Sharp Daggers have been in

Black Flag


When The Stars Align