Royalty (Cerulean crew)

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Royalty at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Queenofb
Senior Officer(s)
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Royal Pains
Founded 4 August, 2007
Last updated on 25 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Royalty is a crew that sails the Cerulean Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Royal Pains


Started on August 4th, 2007 by Queenofb, this crew was originally intended as a place for members of her previous crew to take charge of their piratey lives.

Starting out with only 3 members, Queenofb, Jacquottesky, and Inaria, the crew slowly grew larger by taking in anyone that wished to join. Changes have come throughout its short history, with SO's leaving, and new ones taking their places, promotions being handed out based on merits, and the ever present fluctuation of cabin people.

This crew has done a lot- it's pillied and plundered, forayed into shopkeeping, assisted with blockades. Now, the crew has a new focus. As the backbone of the flag Royal Pains, they try to maintain a visual presence about the ocean, as well as continuing to grow and thrive. They also do their best to try and maintain an oceanwide presence.

Public Statement

We'll rule the ocean, and kill all that try to take us - We'll never be taken alive...

Extended Public Statement

Yer all welcome to join - Come on in one and all! Merging is permitted - with me - I will NOT give up my crew, nor shall I give up my flag, so please do NOT ask!

Crew Articles

  1. Mates are expected to ask Persmission to Board (PtB) when boarding a ship at sea.
  2. No cursing, swearing or rude behavior.
  3. No lazing without the permission of the Officer in Charge (OiC)

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin Person: Just ask.
  • Pirate: Any Pirate that is a Subscriber.
  • Officer: Broad in carp, bilge, sails, and guns and show some loyalty to the crew
  • Fleet Officer: Complete officer training,own a ship, have 2 master stats at any of the piracy puzzles, and the trust of the crew.
  • Senior Officer: this be a position of honor and trust. You must have 2 renowned stats at any piracy puzzle. New SOs will be voted upon by the current SOs and Captain.

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