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Familiars Won
Royal Squawker
Royal Thief

Queenofb is the captain and Counselor of the crew Royalty . She is also the Queen of the Royal Pains flag. She sails the Midnight Ocean.

Although she is on every ocean, Midnight remains her heart and soul, and she can most often be found there spading or hiding on an alt for Atlantis runs.

She dreams of one day taking an island, and kicking booty to do it. She also dreams of running her own little farm to keep her sane. Somewhat of the way there, but still a ways to go. The Queen shall rule the ocean. -.-

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Won Hephaestus Doll for her entry in the VoodoOM Dolls Event 2008
  • Won her parrot familiar, magenta and tan Royal Squawker, in the Summer Runnin' Ship Races 2008 for coming 2nd.
  • Won her monkey, peach Royal Thief, in the 1st Friday Night Lights Sloop Race for coming 1st.

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