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Roketqueen is captain of the crew Carpe Diem on Hunter Ocean (not to be confused with the highly famed Carpe Diem on Viridian Ocean. She is also known as Roket, but most of the time misunderstood as Rocketqueen, much to her annoyance.


Roketqueen began playing Puzzle Pirates on the 23rd of May, 2006, fleeting through a few minor crews, she eventually rested in The Evil Pillagers. Rising through the ranks, she quickly achieved senior officer. Inspired by Captain Graniou she wanted to create her own crew and so The Accursed Renegades was formed along with some close hearties. After only a month, Roketqueen became restless, following a vacation, she made the decision to walk away from what she had built up with friends, to attempt a crew alone.

Relentless was born. Eventually becoming a highly famed and successful crew, including close friends and pirates Pleb, Rubble, Eknuckles, and Pureheart. The crew was situated within the flag Wicked Peace after the unexpected stress of running Obsidian.

Real life stresses, miscommunications and a very bad decision by Roketqueen saw her leave to the Viridian Ocean for a few weeks. Outside game communications with an officer from Relentless eventually caught up with Roket and he persuaded her that Hunter was her home, and she should return, facing her demons and following the aims she has for so long wanted to fulfill. So came the birth of Contraband, which joined both Castigo X, in its early stages and then soon switching over to help hearty Pleb with the creation of Dangerous Liaisons.

Roketqueen and Graniou briefly created the flag Vendetta for some freedom and to experience the planning of a blockade alone, however it was not to be, leading to a small splitting up of both Contraband aswell as the flag.

Decemeber 20th 2007 saw the creation of Carpe Diem, following a few months break searching different oceans. Roketqueen recieved a /tell from Darksoul requesting if she would like to "come home" meaning for her to rejoin Castigo X, which she happily accepted.

Roketqueen claims to have a natuaral talent for leadership and enjoys building up crews along with the training of Officers.

As of January 1st 2009 Carpe Diem rejoined Wicked Peace.

Other Ocean Pirates

Roketqueen can also be found as Rubydeath on the Sage Ocean, where she is Fleet Officer in the crew Knights Of Saint George, under the Captaincy of Pishkirlin