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Remedi, of the Sage Ocean, started out as Suicune on the same Ocean. As Remedi, her first friends were Soccershorty and Freakykji, now Curse, the queen of Remedi's flag, Shake the Sun. This pirate is now deleted, and the player is known under the new pirate Luuka.

She was the captain of the Night Vixens, and a princess of the flag Shake the Sun. Due to difficulties to keep up with her crew, she merged with Curse's crew, Wild Goose Chase and is still princess of Shake the Sun, and continued her adventures with the crew until she took a long hiatus. She often hung out with Curse as well as Bambie, her two closest friends.

Remedi resided on Admiral Island in Caddyshack, King Kottage, Bambie's Townhouse in Bringing Town the House, and Curse's Manor in Bedside Manors.

She owned Kami, a tiger, Mewt, a rat, and Stalker, a dog, and Mist, a cat. Remedi was most likely be found at Planet of the Capes, Sho Girls, or Remember the Turbans.

Remedi quit for a few years and came back recently as Luuka in April 2012. As of now, she just wanders the ocean with her new crew and is working to bring her stats up how they were when she was around years before. She has not found any of her old friends yet.