Release 2017-05-02

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Flotilla Frenzy

From the Release Notes:
  • Flotilla changes:
    • Adding the Cutter as a possible type of supply ship in Flotillas.
    • Adding trophies for Flotilla participation (details will need to be discovered by players).
    • Switching Vargas and Yu Jian to sinking Flotillas.
    • Moving Flotilla jobs higher up on the voyages panel.
    • Increasing payouts for non-sinking Flotillas.
    • Flotillas should no longer spawn in uncolonized archipelagos.
  • Competitions:
    • Adding another check to ensure that puzzle performance only counts towards the competition if it took place after the competition started.
      • Players will receive a message notifying them that their puzzle performance did not count if this situation occurs.
    • Fixed a competition scoring mechanic that would sometimes allow lazing to be useful after a high-scoring situation.
  • Adding a global chat channel:
    • This channel is muted by default, but players can join by typing the command "/global-on". It can be switched back off with the "/global-off" command.
    • To use this chat channel, type "/global " before the start of your message.
    • There is a wait period between consecutive messages in this channel from the same player.
    • This channel will replace "/greeter" chat.
  • The Sloop Mark II can now be constructed by Shipyards.
    • This ship has the same functionality as the normal sloop, but uses the expanded floorplan that's found on Limited Edition sloops (sometimes preferred by decorators).