Release 2011-02-22

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Torrent of Trophies

From the Release Notes:
  • A large number of new trophies related to: Carpentry, Sailing, Navigation, Swordfighting, Rumble, Pillaging, and Reputation.
    • NOTE: The carpentry trophies take into account previous achievements, none of the other puzzle-based trophies do.
    • NOTE: New reputation trophies require one action related to their reputation type to be performed. For example, if you have a Celebrated Patron rating, you will receive your trophy the next time you participate in a tournament or similar activity.
  • New "notorious" items - require a pirate to have achieved a certain level of reputation in order to wear or place. Note that this is based on having ever earned the trophy for the level, so once you reach the level, if you later drop below it, you'll still be able to use your item. These items are available from the tailor and the furnisher.
    • Notorious Corsair's Coat and Hat - Each require any one trophy for Illustrious reputation (Golden Gauntlet, Gilded Atlas, Bejeweled Tourney Board, or Monogrammed Ingot).
    • Conqueror's sword rack - A wall-mounted sword rack; requires the trophy for Celebrated Conqueror (Bronze Gauntlet).
    • Magnate's treasure chest - A huge chest (can be placed open or closed) giving access to your coffers; requires the trophy for Celebrated Magnate (Stamped Ingot).
    • Explorer's shelf - A collection of charts and globes and navigational gear giving access to Yer known world; requires the trophy for Celebrated Explorer (Bronze-bound Atlas).
    • Patron's card table - A card table giving access to hearts, spades, and poker; requires the trophy for Celebrated Patron (Bronzed Tourney Board).
  • Show the mission you're currently on from the mission board.
  • Fix a bug allowing a sea battle to occur just after an expedition was entered.