Release 2009-12-08

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All Hands to the Paintbrush

From the Release Notes:
  • Allow players to recolor and rename familiars for the normal fees and with the normal restrictions without filing a petition to involve an OM.
  • Allow ship hulls to be painted just like railings and sideboards.
  • Improve performance of scene rendering in certain situations, especially scrolling.
  • Add a button on the Vessel tab to allow officers to request all hands (or some subset) to come aboard their vessel.
  • Adjust the rate random dragoons board from the water in Atlantis.
  • Reduce the number of dragoons boarding from Gorgonyxes and Archelons in Atlantis.
  • Adjust monster spawn rates in Atlantis.
  • Added new prizes for both Atlantis and CI: New trinkets and (rare) Atlantean and Indigo Chromas.
  • Reduced the price of Imperial Outpost maps.
  • Adjust recipes for several products (See Hermes' post here)
  • Add new style of gift wrap in the palace shoppe.
  • Add new holiday trinkets in the palace shoppe.
  • Add new holiday portrait backgrounds: Ariastess's Candyland Inn, Damayi's Tropical Christmas, Dexla's Candied New Year, Greylady's Holiday Welcome, Molasses's Cozy Maiden.
  • Bring back the Candy Cane trinket.
  • Fixed a bug related to using up labor hours.
  • Fixed a bug where Explorers' Halls would still sell maps after they've gone dark.