Release 2009-05-27

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Bounty from the Deep

From the Release Notes:
  • New Expedition: shipwrecks.
  • New Furniture: rowboat bed and ship's bell.
  • New limited edition pet: cougar.
  • More evenly award performance-based chests.
  • Calculate the doubloon surcharge for items involving purple, black, and gold cloth and enamel from the amount of each commodity of that type used.
  • Include the amount of evenly split treasure on the SMH division summary.
  • Add Atlantis and Cursed Isle specific map icons.
  • Remove the item requirement from skellies/zombies.
  • If no one is fighting them, skellies/zombies will now get bored and start leaving one at a time.
  • Allow mugs, postcards and postage stamps of portraits to be created through Zazzle.
  • Highlight curse words and stopwords in the chat interface.
  • Give referrers a bandana for referring a new player instead of eights.
  • Adjust high end rumble AI to be less extraordinarily skillful at surviving with a nearly full board.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix chests foraged near the end of a gauntlet round not counting.
    • Fix thralls in the Cursed Isles not following their new master if their current master leaves and extra, inactive thralls showing up in fights.
    • Fix crew and flag fame calculations.
    • Fix calculation of shipwrightery scores in abandoned games.
    • Fix bug with competition rankings booching when not participating in every puzzle
    • Fix bug that prevents a disconnected pirate in an atoll from being able to set sail after reconnecting.
    • Fix improper dumping of the booty and hold in non-sinking blockades and flotillas. Booty is now dumped and the hold is now kept in both situations.
    • Remove eights from a ship's booty when it's sunk in a non-sinking blockade.
    • Rename Atlantean Princess Statue to Atlantean Priestess.