Release 2004-12-15

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Happy Holiday Fruitcake

From the Release Notes:

This is probably the last release of the year. Enjoy!

  • Merchant vessels now ship outlying materials to populated islands. Adventurous foragers instead find fruit to sell at nearby markets.
  • The old salts in inns now have more detailed and more reliable information.
  • Key bindings for all the puzzles can be customized in the options panel. Note: the P key no longer pauses puzzles, use the escape key (which has always worked to pause/unpause).
  • Bazaars appear with a yellow label on the island map.
  • Right clicking in a scene will scroll that area to be visible. Additionally, path-finding has been improved.
  • More Spades bug fixes:
    • Fixed more freeze problems.
    • Watchers will no longer be told that they win/lose/tie.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused one to be unable to send tells to one's partner after the game.
  • Interarchipelago maps will start having the right icon again.
  • In the apothecary puzzle, the warning sound will only play once, instead of each time you rotate the warning piece.
  • The quote interface at shops has been changed around and cleaned up a little.