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Razorback is the captain and drunk of the crew Suicide Messiah and the king of the flag Razor's Edge.


In Game:

  • Jan 2011 - Winner of Best Excellent in 'Blast in the New Year' competition, winning four bronze cannon's and a yellow rose
  • Feb 2010 - Winner of Best Excellent in 'Freestyle Sailing' competition, winning male and female indigo laurels, white daisies, and a portrait
  • Oct 2009 - Won Best Fine in 'Dread Distilling' competition, winning grey daisies and a skull

Forum Events:

  • Dec 2009 - Dedicated Doodler, receiving a portrait from Apollo, Apollo Lubs Razorback!
  • Dec 2009 - Sang in the December Daily Doodle,'The Long Squawk', and received a teddy bear from Apollo inscribed with,'Razorback, thanks for doing the doodle, Apollo'

Familiars, Pets, Trinkets

Pets, Familiars and Top Trinkets
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