Nueva Revolucion

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Nueva Revolucion at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Uzi of Orange Revolution
Member crew(s) Death Raiders, Endless Summer, Orange Lyceum, Orange Revolution
Founded 27 October, 2003
Virtually dormant as of 28 February, 2012
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Nueva Revolucion is currently a virtually flag of the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean, a continuation of a flag with a similar name on the Azure Ocean.



Originally founded in Azure as La Nueva Revolucion, the flag was led by Uzi. The founding crew was Orange Revolution, who had previously been part of Rudder Revolution but left after the flag successfully colonised Gaea Island. Captain Uzi had always intended for Orange Revolution to own their own island, joining RR with some reluctance as the flag mechanic was newly introduced to the game. Nonetheless, Orange Revolution departed from Rudder Revolution on good terms, with the intention of duplicating their success in fund-raising for Gaea. La Nueva Revolucion purchased and ruled Cnossos Island, and was home to the following crews on Azure;

Of the above crews, Wreckage was a former Rudder Revolution crew, led by Disaster. Orange Lyceum was the flag's dedicated training crew, designed to equip new players with basic skills for sailing on the high seas.


With the introduction of the Midnight Ocean, Uzi reformed the Orange Revolution crew and named their new Midnight flag 'Neuva Revolucion' in honour of the Azure-era flag name. The crews Dastardly Deviant Devils, The Privateers and Infernal Infidels also counted themselves among its ranks over the course of its lifetime. Orange Lyceum was reformed as the flag's training crew, and Wreckage reformed at the birth of Midnight, renewing its Azurean allegiance with Nueva Revolucion. Many of the smaller crews from Azure's La Nueva Revolucion merged into the Orange Revolution in order to consolidate the newly formed Midnight Nueva Revolucion.

The early months of Midnight saw the flag engaging in a great deal of pillaging and foraging, in order to build up stockpiles of PoE and commodities ready for island colonisation. However, the exerted effort led to disillusionment among many players, causing them to fall inactive. Tensions grew between the largest crews within the flag, until eventually the DDDs left to join Looterati. The Privateers and Infernal Infidels also left after a dispute regarding shop ownership, leaving Nueva Revolucion greatly deflated and reduced in manpower.

As of the 12th of June 2007 all but one of the four crews is dormant and the last crew, Wreckage only having one active member.

Public statement

We are The New Revolution. La Nueva Revolucion. Our Flag will fly proudly on several ships and on several islands. We enter in Peace, but when trodden on we leave in Victory. Viva La Nueva Revolucion. Friendly to all who enter our ports. Private Statement Created this 7 day of August in the year of our Lord 2003. Long may we thrive and remain as one.

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